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Your well-being is my ultimate concern.
Whether you’re an individual seeking to address life difficulties, stress, mental health issues, trauma or other presenting issues impacting your life, or a student counsellor seeking to experience person-centred therapy, my sessions are always focussed around each client, and assist you in the healing process.
Take a look at the services I offer, and get in touch with me today.

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Attentive Therapist


Within each counselling/psychotherapy session we will work in collaboration within what you choose to bring to the space. Recognising this is "your" space to explore and address any uncomfortable spaces you may hold within your emotional or thought spaces within the past, present or future. 

It is recommended that those embarking upon counselling would have a minimum of 6 sessions which would be reviewed within the therapeutic process. Long term sessions are sometimes decided by the client due to the nature of what is being covered in this space. 

Our first session together would allow space to feel into how therapy would work and if a client feels this is what they wish to embark upon.

Each session is £45.00 per 50 minutes and is to be paid ahead of the session.

Alternatively, if you wish to make a booking of a certain number of sessions, you can pay for these in one installment. 

Psychologist's Office


In recognition of the need for all student counsellors to engage in therapy with person-centred counsellors, I offer a concessionary rate for those currently gaining qualification.

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Due to the nature of life, I recognise it may not always be possible to attend each session as planned. However, any non-attendance without 24 hour notice will be charged.

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