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I have had the privilege of being a client of Jo's. Within our sessions together she held a space where I felt safe to explore my deepest thoughts and guided me towards figuring out what they mean to me. Jo's warm persona made me feel comfortable and cared for without any judgement or shame. her energy creates a bubble that shuts the rest of the world out and she'd stay with me in the moment so I didn't feel alone.


Jo makes a wonderful therapist giving her clients time, space and the conditions for change. Her non-judgemental nature, ethical considerations and warm and welcoming nature allow clients to benefit from the space that is shared.


After over a year of Anxiety I bite the bullet to try counselling, and found Jo.
She has made me feel so comfortable, she let's me go at the pace that works for me. 
I have gone from feeling like I couldn't and didn't want to get through another day, 
to being in control of my life again and enjoying the day.


Every session with Jo is life changing. Her skills are paramount in the healing world. I've seen many therapists and all were unable to assist me in a way that I felt worked, and then I met Jo. Her approach is empathy based coupled with fantastic skills to get to the core wounding. She has particularly assisted me with PTSD providing methods that always considered "what's best for me". She worked with me when I was in my darkest place. She works with the client and never forces outcomes. I feel I owe where I am now in life to our sessions.


One of my biggest life changing moments came as a result of working with Jo; she helped me navigate a big 'penny drop' moment that could otherwise have been overwhelming. Jo held my hand through it all, as well as encouraging me to me to find the strength and courage to question and explore in a completely safe and down to earth space, and with patience and compassion. I have always felt held, heard and grounded in sessions with Jo, knowing I could bring anything without fear of judgement or shame, and would always leave feeling more at peace with myself and my situation. Jo has empowered me to feel free to be me in the world, in all my authenticity. that's priceless!


Jo is naturally gifted with a nurturing vibe. She is non-judgmental as she unflinchingly holds space for her clients while they unwrap even the most traumatic experiences. she is strong in that she is unwavering in this. She creates a space of openness and safety and helps you feel tethered and secure to dive into the deepest depths. In moments of intensity and difficult emotions, Jo is able to provide a genuine comfort and empathy, even remotely, which in this virtually distanced day and age, could be seen as a challenge. I feel this are rare attributes to be found. I am tremendously grateful for Jo's guidance and counsel during some of my scariest moments. She embodies a graceful warmth and security which allows you to feel stronger, wiser and and a more aware version of yourself. I feel I am better for having worked with her.


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